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New Creator Spotlight!


Have a favorite Gunpla content creator?  Content creator yourself?

Each month we will be making a Creator Spotlight post featuring several content creators in our Gunpla community. We will pick a monthly topic and compile a playlist of some of the most helpful and useful videos to help you all out! Also will be speaking with the content creators themselves on some insight on their videos. So for the first month, we are doing Intro to Gunpla! Submit your favorite videos, channels, and streamers that have wonderful intro content for new builders!

Email your submissions to

Mecha Decal 001-W USA Gundam x Child of Mecha CARTOGRAF

Mecha Decal 001-W USA Gundam x Child of Mecha by CARTOGRAF


USA Gundam and Child of Mecha bring you the first of many exclusive water slides. This first run features various warning symbols and text for your next build. These decals have been crafted to fit to a 1/100 scale model and the sheet is 110mm x 235mm.

Order yours here:

No photo description available.


Community Spotlight: “Sol: Junker Series” gizmocongunpla

Build: Sol from Junker Series
Builder: gizmocongunpla (
Notes from builder: Sol meaning Ground in french which in aircraft terms grounded is that not being able to fly. This kit is based on a flying bot that failed flight school. It still has dreams of flying and has tried multiple attempts that has damaged him. As a final last ditch effort he has strapped himself to a homemade rocket. Sol is officially my second petit of the Junker series that I’m slowly been planning and building. This was also a one week build that I challenged myself to see if I could even build something within a week. I’m am very happy with the results and can wait to build the next petit in the Junker series.



Community Spotlight: “MG AGE-1 TITUS” by GundamUK


Builder: GundamUK


Notes: Bandai 1/100 Master Grade Age-1 Titus model kit, detailed, modified and completed 26/04/19, painted in Mr.Color lacquers.











Community Spotlight: HG Denial Batman / VFX10VIPER

Build: HG Denial Batman
Builder: Josh “VFX10VIPER”


Community Spotlight: PG Zaku II – Nathaniel Bunn – Hangar 18 Hobbies

Build: PG Zaku II
Builder: Nathaniel Bunn
Local Community: Hangar 18 Hobbies Gunpla Community


Kotobukiya Contest Winners

Hey everyone! If you missed the video show cases the winners you can watch it here:

We will also be show casing the builds here as well. If we left someones social media out please message us at and we will get it added right away

1st Place
Brian Dencklau



2nd Place
Christopher Ramirez


3rd Place
Richard Chafer

4th Place
Andy Tubbs


2nd GBA Photography Contest!

Here are some of the top voted entries from the facebook public voting section. You can view the full gallery here: FULL GALLERY. If you are not familiar with the GBA Photography Contest it’s a yearly contested hosted by USAGundamStore and Gunpla Builders Association. The rules are simple. Take a picture of a Gunpla/Plamo model kit and make it look awesome! We love seeing the pure creativity that gets submitted for these contests. Keep up the great work! Winners will be announced this week

Community Spotlight: “Air Drop – Jesta” ChildOfMecha

From the builder ChildOfMecha

“Air Drop – Jesta is complete! This project was a learning and experimentational for me, as I had to come up with a way to not only make fully deployed parachutes, come up with a way to hang them and the Jesta together, and only add simple details to the base kit. I’m happy with the result and I hope you all enjoy it. If you’d like to see the process in making this I’ve got over 100 hours of LIVE stream footage dedicated to the build process of this project.

I will only post a couple of pictures here because they are so many to chose from. Make sure you check the full gallery on



Air Drop - Jesta - 006.jpg

Air Drop - Jesta - 161.jpg

Air Drop - Jesta - 114.jpg

Air Drop - Jesta - 107.jpg

Air Drop - Jesta - 095.jpg

Air Drop - Jesta - 123.jpg

Workbench Wednesday: Bro_Builder

Builder: Bro_Builder

Some of you might have seen Brains work before here on the site. His workbench is just as amazing! Wonderful selection of HobbyZone storage and all kinds of goodies!




Check out one of his recent builds showcased on the Community Spotlight twitch stream!


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