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Khrisamisu // MMPR Custom Team

From the builder:

This Power Rangers inspired team of mobile suits is an idea I’ve wanted to try for a while. It consists of smaller, simpler kits (HG) that I worked on in between my larger projects. Not many modifications were made to the actual base models–just some minor changes here and there before painting them to match the iconic MMPR color schemes. Most of the work went into kitbashing the axe and bow accessories, but the biggest challenge was finding the models that I felt best represented each of the Rangers while still looking cohesive as a group. It was a great excuse to work on kits that I never would have picked up otherwise! The base kit used for each ranger (not including the weapons) is as follows:

Red- GnX

Blue –  Dahack

Pink – Farsia

Black – Helmwige

Yellow – Hyakuren

Other kits/sets used include:
-HGBF Gya Eastern Weapons

-HG Civilian Astray DSSD Custom
-HGBF Transient Gundam
-HG IBO MS Option Set 3.

You are (not) a worthy rival – #CharMonth Build – The Paint Pusher

You are (not) a worthy rival

He came here to laugh at angels #Charmonth

– The Paint Pusher

Full Gallery: Click Here


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Gundam Forums Are Back!

That’s right! Gundam Forums are back online. You visit the forums here:

Community Spotlight: “The Devourer” by Jason Tsai @the_tsainami

Build: The Devourer
Builder: Jason Tsai
Social Media:

From The Builder: 

In a world where the power of magic and the might of machines coexist, a sorcerer seizes control of a machine sealed away for centuries that had been feared for its ability to consume the power of others for its own benefit, “The Devourer.”

The Devourer is a kitbash of 7 different model kits and parts that I scratch built. I used only secondhand kits that I’ve collected from other builders throughout the year, as a symbolic way of giving the kits new life. I added textures to the Devourer’s armor, then airbrushed with a based coat, then hand brushed with oil paint to give the kit a streaking and weathered look. The inside of the Devourer’s back armor and skirt armor are filled with parts of the machines whose powers and abilities had been absorbed.

The sorcerer on the Devourer’s shoulder is a heavily modified gunpla pilot “WuFei” from the Gundam Wing series. The display base is made with wood, foam, and clay. The removable background “Blood moon” was painted using an airbrush. Oil stains added to skirt and legs of the Devourer and the display base to symbolize many mecha destroyed.

Creator Spotlight: Intro To Gunpla

This month we are looking at Intro To Gunpla videos! These are great videos for new builders and those looking to get started in the hobby.

We have taken your submissions and some of our favorites and compiled these videos into one playlist for you. You will find informative, entertaining and resourceful videos on how to get started in this hobby. So if you are a new builder this is a great place to start or maybe if you have friends looking to get started in this hobby. Share this playlist with them! If you have any videos you think that should be added to this playlist. Shoot us an email at

If you are a content creator and have an intro video into the hobby that we missed, make sure to contact us!



New Creator Spotlight!


Have a favorite Gunpla content creator?  Content creator yourself?

Each month we will be making a Creator Spotlight post featuring several content creators in our Gunpla community. We will pick a monthly topic and compile a playlist of some of the most helpful and useful videos to help you all out! Also will be speaking with the content creators themselves on some insight on their videos. So for the first month, we are doing Intro to Gunpla! Submit your favorite videos, channels, and streamers that have wonderful intro content for new builders!

Email your submissions to

Mecha Decal 001-W USA Gundam x Child of Mecha CARTOGRAF

Mecha Decal 001-W USA Gundam x Child of Mecha by CARTOGRAF


USA Gundam and Child of Mecha bring you the first of many exclusive water slides. This first run features various warning symbols and text for your next build. These decals have been crafted to fit to a 1/100 scale model and the sheet is 110mm x 235mm.

Order yours here:

No photo description available.


Community Spotlight: “Sol: Junker Series” gizmocongunpla

Build: Sol from Junker Series
Builder: gizmocongunpla (
Notes from builder: Sol meaning Ground in french which in aircraft terms grounded is that not being able to fly. This kit is based on a flying bot that failed flight school. It still has dreams of flying and has tried multiple attempts that has damaged him. As a final last ditch effort he has strapped himself to a homemade rocket. Sol is officially my second petit of the Junker series that I’m slowly been planning and building. This was also a one week build that I challenged myself to see if I could even build something within a week. I’m am very happy with the results and can wait to build the next petit in the Junker series.



Community Spotlight: “MG AGE-1 TITUS” by GundamUK


Builder: GundamUK


Notes: Bandai 1/100 Master Grade Age-1 Titus model kit, detailed, modified and completed 26/04/19, painted in Mr.Color lacquers.











Community Spotlight: HG Denial Batman / VFX10VIPER

Build: HG Denial Batman
Builder: Josh “VFX10VIPER”


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