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Community Spotlight: “Air Drop – Jesta” ChildOfMecha

From the builder ChildOfMecha

“Air Drop – Jesta is complete! This project was a learning and experimentational for me, as I had to come up with a way to not only make fully deployed parachutes, come up with a way to hang them and the Jesta together, and only add simple details to the base kit. I’m happy with the result and I hope you all enjoy it. If you’d like to see the process in making this I’ve got over 100 hours of LIVE stream footage dedicated to the build process of this project.

I will only post a couple of pictures here because they are so many to chose from. Make sure you check the full gallery on



Air Drop - Jesta - 006.jpg

Air Drop - Jesta - 161.jpg

Air Drop - Jesta - 114.jpg

Air Drop - Jesta - 107.jpg

Air Drop - Jesta - 095.jpg

Air Drop - Jesta - 123.jpg

Workbench Wednesday: Bro_Builder

Builder: Bro_Builder

Some of you might have seen Brains work before here on the site. His workbench is just as amazing! Wonderful selection of HobbyZone storage and all kinds of goodies!




Check out one of his recent builds showcased on the Community Spotlight twitch stream!


ZakuAurelius: Gunpla News 45: February, 2019

Crack open a cold one with Zach as he goes over the latest Gunpla News.

Everything from what we post here to some other goodies as well!

Updated! Next community spotlight!

Hey everyone! You might of noticed the updated and faster! Many new features have been added as well as an updated look. Go ahead and check it out!


The community spotlight is coming back and the first stream is February 1st! You can submit your builds here: 

Make sure you tune in to the live stream at 8PM EST at


Workbench Wednesday! Builder: Diligent NewType

We are starting a new community weekly even here at USA Gundam Store. Each Wednesday we will post some awesome workbenches from the Gunpla community. We love seeing where the magic happens! If you want to submit your workbench make sure to to do so here: There will be times for the Community Spotlight series that is presented by Justinus Builds and TrueGunpla that you will submit via a different link. So make sure to keep an eye out!



This months workbench is from Diligent NewType. You can check out his work on Instagram here:

Community Giveaway: Merritt Filban: DOUBLE DOGA!

Learn more about this giveaway from Merritt here!

Community Spotlight: Flynnburger “Scorched Earth”

Builder: Flynnburger
Build: “Scorched Earth”
Social Media:
Instagram / Facebook / YouTube /
From The Builder: My entry into the Australian GBWC this year!










Community Spotlight: Freddy Torres “Mad Max Bear”

Build: Mad Max Bear
Builder: Freddy Torres








GBWC 2018 Results

Open Course

Area: Japan

Builder: YUSUKE SATO (ユウスケ サトウ)

Title: GUNDAM EXIA RⅡ-fetal movement- (ガンダムエクシアリペアⅡ -胎動-)

Second Place

Area: Philippines

Builder: JAMES MARC R. QUINSAAT (ジェームズ マーク アル クインサット)

Title:  EVERY THING STARTS WITH A PROTO TYPE (エヴリシング スターツ ウィズ ア プロトタイプ)

Third Place

Area: Thailand

Builder: Vichayuth Eiam-Ong
(ヴィチャユス エイアム-オン)

(ウィー アー ガンダム)



Area: Indonesia

Builder: Mark Alexander Ierwanto
(マーク アレクサンダー イルワント)

Title: Build Divers Fantasy
(ビルドダイバーズ ファンタジー)

Second Place

Area: Taiwan

Builder: WU CHIH EN
(ウ シ エン)

Title: Once again
(ワンス アゲイン)

Third Place

Area: Vietnam

Builder: Nguyễn Hoàng Long
(ヌグヤン ホンー ロン)

Title: The White Golem
(ザ ホワイト ゴーレム)



Area: Hong Kong

Builder: Manson Ng >
(マンソン ンー)

Title: Origin of Char
(オリジン オブ シャア)





Lau Ryan >
(ロウ ライアン)

Kshatriya Besserung 2.0 “Preemptive Strike”
(クシャトリヤ ベッセルング)


Area: Thailand

Builder: Vichayuth Eiam-Ong >
(ヴィチャユス エイアム-オン)

(ウィー アー ガンダム)








Community Spotlight: Mechalab12 “Rusty Zaku”

Build: Zaku
Builder: Mechalab12

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