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Community Spotlight: Mechalab12 “Rusty Zaku”

Build: Zaku
Builder: Mechalab12

Community Spotlight: ohio_gundam_federation “MG Freedom 2.0”

Build: MG Freedom 2.0
Builder: ohio_gundam_federation
From the builder:
“Entry for my local seed build off . First attempt at alclad lacquer paint . Much pleased with the results ”





Community Spotlight: GwailowX “Legend BB Maryu Kenshi Zero Gundam”

Builder: GwailowX
Build: Legend BB Maryu Kenshi Zero Gundam






Community Spotlight: Backstept “1/100 Barbatos Lupus Conversion”

Builder: Backstept
Build: 1/100 Barbatos Lupus Conversion

From the builder:

“Hey! This is my 1/100 Barbatos Lupus made with the Extreme Squad resin conversion. It was my first resin kit and I’m quite happy with how it came out.


Community Spotlight: Crovero “Sanguis Lupus BLOODWOLF”

Builder: Crovero
Gundam Mosh Pit:

From the builder:
“Sanguis lupus (blood wolf)
Resin conversion by extreme squad
Barbatos lupus inner frame used”





Community Spotlight: Prayogo Forge “HGUC Pale Rider Space Type Custom Build”

From the builder:

” Hey Joel, here’s my build! Some changes were made such as

– Modify proportions
– Panel lines were added
– Replaced the shield
– Replaced the original joint
Social Media

Facebook: Prayogo Forge
Thanks for featuring my build!”

Community Spotlight: Kidou.Senshi.Gunpla “Full Armor GM Ground Type”

From the builder:

“Hey guys!
I saw that we could submit builds now so I’d like to submit this guy. HG Full Armor GM Ground Type.
My name on IG is Kidou.senshi.gunpla and this dude’s just a simple kitbash with some kotobukiya parts and a custom paint job.”

Community Spotlight: mardotreposar “HGRG 1/144 YG-111 Gundam G-Self with Reflector pack”

From the builder:

“Painted the purple armor parts with a two tone metallic paint of blue and purple, did a bit of pre-shading and the rest of the kit top coated with matte spray”

Instagram: @mardotreposar

Community Spotlight: “Prototype Grimiore Escapes!”

From the builder:


My Instagram name is @kgundamz attached below is my build, titled “prototype grimiore escapes!” The story is that I imagined what the grimiore would look like as a prototype and the diorama is it standing in a clearing in the woods after it had been stolen. I used the original grimiore kit and recolored it’s using Tamiya spray cans and hand brushing techniques. 

Thanks for giving builders a chance to show there work! I look forward to seeing the other submissions.


Community Spotlight: cptweirdbeard88 “Jesta Half-Cannon”

From the builder!

“I’m Gabriel Macias aka Cpt. WeirdBeard

My work can be found on Instagram @cptweirdbeard88
Or on Facebook
I purchased my first gunpla kit in December 2016, and instantly feel in love with the hobby and community. I’m mainly interested in customizing kits. Today I’m submitting my first completed custom build. Finished the build around November 2017. HG Jesta “Half-Cannon”. Painted with testor spray paint, Cannon kit bashed out of HG IBO option parts and the arm from Gusion RFC.


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