1/35 SMS Guerrilla Reconnaissance Unicorn Bust: Scratchbuild Work w/LEDs

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COMPLETED FOR: Mecha Lounge 2012 Mecha Contest

COLOR SCHEME: Substance Standard

SCALE: 1/35

MODEL TYPE: Modified Resin, plastic and scratch built add-ons

ORIGINAL KIT: SMS-248 1/35 scale RX-0 Gundam Unicorn Bust

COMPLETION TIME: Roughly 2-3 months,  ~ 200 casual hours


Many of the internal pieces within the head are fragile, it is recommended to have basic scratch building skills to reinforce/replace several pieces.
LED Wiring is very fragile in some areas, basic circuitry and soldering experience is recommended
Standard resin preparation required


Over 300 DECALS added to the kit, mostly composed of the golden circuit designs in brown areas
Replaced LED system, and added additional lights in the head, body, side head camera, and power tubes on each side of the kit.
Over 125 metal additions, including rivets, antennas, shocks, photo-etch, guitar strings and other randoms
Held together with over 100 magnets. Very stable and able to be easily disassembled for transportation.
Scratch built small functioning movable shoulder mechanics with LEDs.  As well as a magnetic side-head camera with LED.
Roughly 75 plastic details added and or built onto the kit.