CoreWorks ORX-013 MK.V (in Progress) Modeled by Zi9720

So I have been working on the Coreworks CoreWorks ORX-013 MK.V. What I have been doing is making it from a fixed figuration to where I can put it in different posses.
DSC_0507a DSC_0505a

Worked on the feet and head today I feel that the elbow and knee joints are going to be the hardest to do. here are some pics I used a ball and socket for the ankle and head. also added some detail to the feet.


The Red Circles are additions and the ball and socket joint



ok so the knee joints are coming along I am trying something out and hope it comes out good. I cut the knee joint in half and drilled down to put a hing joint in. covered the ends of the joint with chap stick so the putty does not harden on them and will allow them to move freely. Here are some pics I am thinking this will work as well for the elbows. (DID NOT WORK FOR ELBOWS)!!!

DSC_0519a DSC_0520 DSC_0521

So have both legs fully jointed only problem to really figure out left for them is the knee joint is not as tight as I would like it. It has a hard time staying bent with the weight of the foot. Also added some panel lines and knee parts to the shin plate. You can also see the hip is jointed too. The back parts of the legs have been connected with magnets for movement and posing.

DSC_0522 DSC_0524

I have primed most the Kit now and have the joints 90% finished as you can see the leg in the pic is all set and ready to go. I have added pla-plates for extra detail on leg and Shield as shown.

DSC_0946 DSC_0947


For the back pack I have decided to use Magnets to keep the Disks in place. You can see where I have used basic putty to help fill in just need to do some sanding and smooth it out!


Started on the Arms and elbow joints what I did to preserve some of the original detail was cut the joint parts off the original and added them onto some old zeta elbow joints.DSC_0234n

Then attached them to the forearm, and this is what you get a fully movable arm!!

DSC_0232n DSC_0233n


Ok guys and girls I spent most my day painting and finishing up the joints most of which are just ball and socket. I decided to do a purple coloring to stay true to the original color but have some lighter highlights in it as well. (my first time doing this looks good I think) also done some shading one panel lines and other areas.


Close up of the paint job for the body, still lots more painting to go and weapons to go!!

photo (1)


Did more painting today along with work on the head, I put Holo film for the eyes. I also finished up a lot of the decals. here is some pics ENJOY!!

photo (1)

Still need to touch up some of the Painting but feeling good about it all.



So did a lot of work on the rifle today I think it looks good added some spare parts I had laying around (still needs a wash and shading but looks good) before and after

DSC_0198 DSC_0326


ok guys ALL DONE!!! some pics for you

DSC_0364 DSC_0371 DSC_0365 DSC_0373 DSC_0376 DSC_0381

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