Said to be the most powerful and terrifying MS of Trinity, Bahamut was the harbinger of death for Fed pilots who witnessed it. No enemy who saw Bahamut apparently survived to tell the tale. Up till the final stand of Trinity, all accounts of this demonic suit were third-party rumours. Even though it was rarely sighted, the Bahamut left distinct wreckage in its wake – horrific lashes to ship hulls and MS armour, indicative of its deadly heat whip and fearsome claws. Because of its characteristic wings, the Bahamut was given the ominous nickname – ‘Angel of Death’.

Model No: MSN-06 B Sinanju
Unit Type: Newtype use mobile suit (High-mobility type)
Overall height: 23.0 meters
Base weight: 28.0 metric tons
Power generator output: 4000kw
Sensor radius: 22000 meters
Maximum Thrust: 128000 kg
Armor: Gundarium alloy
Armament: Heat whip x 1, beam saber x 2, Shield x 1

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