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Kotobukiya Contest Winners

Hey everyone! If you missed the video show cases the winners you can watch it here:

We will also be show casing the builds here as well. If we left someones social media out please message us at and we will get it added right away

1st Place
Brian Dencklau



2nd Place
Christopher Ramirez


3rd Place
Richard Chafer

4th Place
Andy Tubbs


Gundam SD Sangoku Soketsuden Updated Kits


Gundam SD Sangoku Soketsuden:

#12 Trinity Bike Model Kit
#11 Sun Quan Gundam Astray Model Kit
#10 Ma Chao Gundam Barbatos Model Kit




RG 1/144 Gundam Exia Repair III

RG 1/144 Gundam Exia Repair III
Release date: June 2019
Selling price: 3,024 yen (tax included)


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P-Bandai MG Re-GZ Custom

 P-Bandai MG Re-GZ Custom
Price: 5,940 yen (tax included)
Armament: Beam Assault Rifle, Hyper Beam Saber, Shield
Scheduled for May 2019


Last Day for 15% OFF Pre-Order!!

Have you been eyeing some of those new kits we have posted about? I know I have! Man those SD Sangoku Soketsuden kits are looking absolutely amazing and you can use code: “Preorder” at check out for 15% off!

Head over to the Pre-Order category to check out all the items for sale!


Model kits HERE

Figures HERE


2nd GBA Photography Contest!

Here are some of the top voted entries from the facebook public voting section. You can view the full gallery here: FULL GALLERY. If you are not familiar with the GBA Photography Contest it’s a yearly contested hosted by USAGundamStore and Gunpla Builders Association. The rules are simple. Take a picture of a Gunpla/Plamo model kit and make it look awesome! We love seeing the pure creativity that gets submitted for these contests. Keep up the great work! Winners will be announced this week

Community Spotlight: “Air Drop – Jesta” ChildOfMecha

From the builder ChildOfMecha

“Air Drop – Jesta is complete! This project was a learning and experimentational for me, as I had to come up with a way to not only make fully deployed parachutes, come up with a way to hang them and the Jesta together, and only add simple details to the base kit. I’m happy with the result and I hope you all enjoy it. If you’d like to see the process in making this I’ve got over 100 hours of LIVE stream footage dedicated to the build process of this project.

I will only post a couple of pictures here because they are so many to chose from. Make sure you check the full gallery on



Air Drop - Jesta - 006.jpg

Air Drop - Jesta - 161.jpg

Air Drop - Jesta - 114.jpg

Air Drop - Jesta - 107.jpg

Air Drop - Jesta - 095.jpg

Air Drop - Jesta - 123.jpg

New Line From Bandai! / 30MM: 30 MINUTE MISSIONS.

I are sure over the past of couple days you have all seen some of the 30 Minute Missions models from Bandai. This is a new scale modeling line that focuses on endlessly customizable, easy-to-build mecha model kits. Representing mass-produced robots, these kits are perfect for army-building and feature a common joint system so parts can easily be switched between the different types of units. Each kit builds into a highly posable figure with armor; in addition, the armor parts are equipped with hard points to attach weapons. One of the first thoughts that came into my mind was how easy these look to build and how much fun they would be in a group event. These would make perfect for a build meet day contest! You can pre-order all of the 30MM products at USAGundamStore. Link is here:

Lets take a look at some of the promo material!















SDCS Ground Type Gundam
Release Date: May 2019
Price: TBA





ALL NEW SD ANIME HAS BEEN ANNOUNCED. We are all very happy for this and can’t wait for the next line of the SD Gunpla franchise. You can view the official website here for more info!

You can pre-order your kits here as well!



Release Date: June 2019
Price: 600 Yen




Release Date: June 2019
Price: 1,300 Yen




Release Date: June 2019
Price: 600 Yen


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