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Community Spotlight: mardotreposar “HGRG 1/144 YG-111 Gundam G-Self with Reflector pack”

From the builder:

“Painted the purple armor parts with a two tone metallic paint of blue and purple, did a bit of pre-shading and the rest of the kit top coated with matte spray”

Instagram: @mardotreposar

Community Spotlight: “Prototype Grimiore Escapes!”

From the builder:


My Instagram¬†name is @kgundamz attached below is my build, titled “prototype grimiore escapes!” The story is that I imagined what the grimiore would look like as a prototype and the diorama is it standing in a clearing in the woods after it had been stolen. I used the original grimiore kit and recolored it’s using Tamiya spray cans and hand brushing techniques.¬†

Thanks for giving builders a chance to show there work! I look forward to seeing the other submissions.


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